Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Broadside 2017 - WWII Operation Caravan 1942

As you may have read on BigLee's blog, Posties Rejects were at Broadside on the 11th June. BigLee put on a tremendous WWII 6mm Desert War game. And we won "Best at Show" or rather Lee did.
The effort that poor chap put into the game was outstanding, from the figures, to the buildings and the terrain. Well done ol boy!

The set up...
It still makes me drool....

The town of Barce

The Italian's were fast asleep, unaware of what was about to happen?

Here come the LRDG!

2 Patrols try and break through the fence line
2 Trucks fall foul and bog down.

The fuel dump looks a nice target? 

The fuel dumps lights up the night sky.
Unfortunately it also wakes up the sleepy Italians!

Moving on a turn or 2
The LRDG move down the line of planes blowing them all sky high!
Note the lone Truck, still stuck at the fence!

The 3rd Patrol turns up at the fence.

The 3rd Patrol takes heavy casualties at the fence and stalls
while the 1st and 2nd carry on their destruction.

3 more Bombers are destroyed

As well as the remaining Fighters

The Italians radio for help and a team of Motorcyclists turn up on the Derna road

Disaster for the LRDG
The 3rd Patrol are virtual destroyed!

More Italian troops turn up, this time on the Beda Road

The LRDG turn their sights on the Hangers

Dodging through the flames

The LRDG try and make their escape, back to the Gebel Akhbar Moutains.
While being chased by the enemy.

A brave lone truck, perhaps Commanded by Captain Earsmith himself, blocks the road
to let his men escape.

Only 3 trucks make it off the field intact, which was three more than the historical outcome!
But although the other trucks were lost, many of the crews escaped into the night .

So the result was a resounding win for the Allies!

A great day out was had by all. made all the better winning the best game at the show. I think I can talk for all the other Rejects, we were all completely shattered after the show, all with sore throats with all the talking going on.

Wonder who's turn it'll be for a game next year?

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Posties Rejects @ Broadside 2017

Posties Rejects are on their annual trip to the Broadside Wargames Show in Sittingbourne this Sunday coming the 11th June. So come along and say hello. We are at table G6, the Big Red Circle below....
Reject BigLee is putting on his first game at a show ever, and what a mighty fine game it is!!!
Lee, Postie and myself had a run through last night, I gotta say Lee has surpassed himself!!!!

There's a sneaky peak pic of some of the action last night at the bottom of this post


List of Games at the Show

G2 Friday Night Fire Fight- "High Noon" Wild West Exodus (Participation)
G3 Medway Wargames Society - "Wrath of Kings" Fantasy Battle
G4 Skirmish Wargames - "A Fight in the Snow" 54mm French Indian Wars
G5 Deal Wargames Society - "Tank Action at Prudka, Poland 1937" 20mm WW2
G6 Posties Rejects - "WW2 Desert Warfare" 6mm WW2
G7 Rainham Wargames Club - "The Men Who Would be Kings" 15mm Colonial Wars
G8 Gravesend Gamers Guild "Tanks" 15mm WW2 Tank Battles
G9 Southend Wargames Club - "An Alternative Hastings" Early Medieval
G10 Shepway Wargamers - "I am Frank Hammer" West Texas 1930
G11 South East Essex Military Society - "Lords of the Wine Dark Sea" 1/200 Ancient Naval
G12 Bexley Reapers ?
G13 Maidstone Wargames Society - "Fenris Descending" Sci-Fi (Participation)

Sneaky pic.....