Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Skirmish Wargame Show March 2017

Last Sunday me and Postie made a long trip up the A2 to Sidcup for the first Skirmish Show of the year. There we met fellow Rejects BigLee and Clint. The show is run by
Redcoat Models with a Zulu War theme and is a must for the Rejects. It is only a little show but its definitly worth a visit. The next show is in September, with the theme of Napoleonics!
Perhaps I'll have a go at persuading Postie to put on a game there??
What do you all think?

Rainham Wargames Club - Clint & Co
Zulu Wars

Milton Hundred Wargames Club - Maori Wars

Painters at work!

Skirmish Gamers - 54mm Zulu War

Privateers of London - ACW Naval

Not sure who? - Frostgrave

Old Guard - Romans v Ancient British

Gravesend Gamers Guild

Medway Wargames Society - Pax Limpopo


Maidstone Wargames - Romans v Ancient British

The Bring & Buy

Sammy's Scenics - WWII

Clint (YES he does normally look like this) & BigLee

A wonderful Zulu Wars display

Last pic and last few minutes of the show, it was busier than this I promise! The main hall
Postie and Col Bill can be seen chatting top left

Great show roll on September!!